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"Sports cars are a waste of fuel and bad for the environment, they should be outlawed"




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Someone invented a Legless Pirate Corkscrew to enhance the awesomeness of your drinking experience. Source
Jactitation and Deuterostomes.

I suffer from immense jactitation, especially when I retire to bed, after smoking cannabis. At least, that is, until I pass the fuck out.

I am, also, a Deuterostome - as are you - since I/we developed from the arsehole outwards in the embryonic development phase. As opposed to Protosomes, which develop from the mouth outwards, with the bum hole becoming the second opening at a later stage.

QI - Teaching me shit, I never knew - or ever needed to know - about myself, since 2003.
But it’s nice, isn’t it? :)


There’s a small island northwest of Ireland that looks like the face of a gorilla. It can be yours for about $227,000. Source

That is considerably less than the average house price in Britain. Which would be over $407,000, at this current time.
I suppose the insignificance factor multiplies several-fold, living on an island without the usual amenities, though.


So someone I know does woodwork in his spare time… and he showed me this yesterday:


It’s a map of Middle Earth. That he carved onto a table. Himself. In 60-ish hours (or, as he initially put it, “3 Harry Potter audiobooks”)

Just look at the detail…


And the effort that went into this.


Nerd level: Master and Commander.

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I, sincerely, hope this isn’t influencing women’s expectations from the general male population. …Talk about insignificance. Eck! :|

Is that the in-game weapon?!

An Australian veterinarian performed a 45 minute surgery on a goldfish named George. His owners were “quite attached” to him, so they paid to have a tumor removed from his head.   Source
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